Yesterday I discovered a super-nifty way to make facemasks without a sewing machine. All you need is a T shirt and a pair of scissors, and in just a few minutes (maybe even less than 3!) you can have a protective mask for you and a loved one. This technique is absolutely brilliant! I’ve been cutting up the bottom parts of T-shirts to make T-shirt … Continue reading #Masks4all

Upcycled pandemic mask for the end times

I never thought we’d be reliving the days of knitting stockings for soldiers on the frontlines and digging victory gardens to make up for food shortages. But through a combination of federal foolhardiness, individual hoarding behaviors, and production slowdowns in China due to their own struggles with COVID-19, here we are. I’ve been seeing patterns for DIY masks intended to protect oneself from the coronavirus, … Continue reading Upcycled pandemic mask for the end times

Starting this thing all over again . . .

It’s been over three years since I last posted to this blog. I started it to document a year on sabbatical, hoping to demystify the academic life for non-academics (and also to show my mom, and my mother-in-law for that matter, that being on sabbatical is NOT the same thing as being on vacation). During that time I wrote part of a book (which has … Continue reading Starting this thing all over again . . .

A cooler, a rickey, a cure for what ails you

Cocktails! I went to the Library of Congress this week to look at newspapers on microfilm. Amid the blur of tiny type, I ran across this little gem:   Now you’ll know what to drink if you’re summering in Manhattan or Manhattanville, Newport or Saratoga. Or if you happen to be attending a political convention. It looks like the “Mugwumps by way of drinks” have long outlasted … Continue reading A cooler, a rickey, a cure for what ails you

Their Books of Zen

I cannot help but use this post to brag on my students. I posted earlier in the year about the “Journal of Zen” assignment I’d given my first-year students this semester, and they SO delivered. The culmination of the semester was that they had to create a book to hold and express their understanding of “zen” in their own lives– what brought them peace, revelation, happiness. We … Continue reading Their Books of Zen