(more) Snails

Folks who know me on Facebook and Instagram already know these little garden critters are currently holding my heart hostage. On Tuesdays for the past 6 weeks or so I’ve been publishing a series of embroidered “slow comics” on Instagram, highlighting their most admirable qualities and their capacity for drollery. The series is called snails: a slow comic. They seem a worthy antidote to the … Continue reading (more) Snails


Food, clothing, shelter. I guess it’s not surprising that these would be the first things I’ve been thinking about since we arrived on Monday. Since we don’t have a car, we’ve been going to the market pretty much every day. Sometimes it’s the fancy modern supermercado, Chedraui, which is just 3 blocks from our house and sells everything–not just food of all kinds, but furniture, … Continue reading Necessities

New digs

We arrived in Mexico last night and found that our landlady had left us with some bread, cheese, and a six-pack of Mexican beers to welcome us to our new home. We are in a house in Colonia Reforma, a neighborhood north of the city center (or Centro). We had noticed the art throughout the house when we saw it last November and decided to … Continue reading New digs

A new day

Posted to Facebook on July 1, 2022: I’ll be restarting this blog to share thoughts, observations, and most importantly, images as M and I transition to a new way of being in Mexico. Click on the “Follow Think.Do” link in the right sidebar and follow the instructions if you’d like to receive an email notification every time I post. Continue reading A new day



Yesterday I discovered a super-nifty way to make facemasks without a sewing machine. All you need is a T shirt and a pair of scissors, and in just a few minutes (maybe even less than 3!) you can have a protective mask for you and a loved one. This technique is absolutely brilliant! I’ve been cutting up the bottom parts of T-shirts to make T-shirt … Continue reading #Masks4all