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New York, New York: it’s a helluva town

… Yeah, a helluva town– if hell froze over! The windchill this morning was -4. That’s right– four degrees below zero. I’ve spent the better part of this week in NYC, doing research at the storied New York Public Library. It’s my first time doing research here, even though I am currently well into writing […]


The spawn of necessity

Over the holidays, my dog Lucy got very, very sick. After seeming oddly uninterested in food for a few days, on Christmas Eve she threw up everything– food, treats, water– all over the house. We put her on a fast for 36 hours, and she seemed better. By the Monday after Christmas she was eating […]

On being “discontinued”

Originally posted on bookconscious:
I’ve been writing The Mindful Reader column for The Concord Monitor since April 2012. Thirty-three columns, one a month on the Sunday book page, reviewing dozens of books, all by New Hampshire or northern New England authors, many published by small presses. It’s been a wonderful experience. People often stop me…


Do mimics lack a sense of self? John Cleese on Peter Sellers

I just happened to be listening to Fresh Air on NPR the other day, and heard part of her interview with John Cleese. He made an interesting comment about the difference between mimicry–which he described as clever, but lacking in power–and what is actually “funny.” He told an anecdote about meeting up with Peter Sellers […]