Another exotic research trip; or, how Pinterest can be good for scholarship

Earlier this week, I was talking to one of my colleagues who just came back from being on sabbatical, and he said that the most annoying thing about being on sabbatical was being asked, “So where are you traveling?” Don’t I know the feeling! Since my sabbatical began this past summer, I have made one […]


From the hive mind

Links to some really interesting poetry-related stuff circulating on the web this week: “The Writing Class” by Jaswinder Bolina, a long but provocative essay on the relationship between poetry and privilege, and a peek into the darkness that lies behind the curtain of the AWP (Association of Writers and Writers’ Programs, the MLA of creative […]


You know you have writer’s block when …

You find yourself compelled to go through your closet. And dresser. Thoroughly.

When I get into this mode– of thinking I need my space to be organized before I can possibly start writing– I know writer’s block is either imminent or already in full swing. It may be that my efforts to “de-clutter” are a literal analogue to what I want to happen in my mind…


The Non-Blood Club

This weekend, Matt & I were in Philadelphia for Gum’s memorial service. “Gum,” Matt’s grandmother, passed away over the summer after a long, full life. We were both quite close to her, so it was nice to have a chance to be with the rest of Matt’s family to share remembrances and, well, just to […]