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You’re Off to Great Places! A tour of gay Baltimore

Over the weekend, I went on a tour, organized by the historic preservation organization Baltimore Heritage, of LGBTQ Mount Vernon, the Baltimore neighborhood that is just south of where I live. Illuminating, fun, and hot! But totally worth it. My “co-blogger internet friend” (her descriptor) Kate Drabinski, whom I physically met for the first time on this tour, was one of the co-leaders, along with various longtime members of the LGBTQ community in Baltimore. Here’s a gallery of photos from the tour:

In The Practice of Everyday Life, Michel de Certeau (you guessed it, a French philosopher) writes that when one walks in the city, one is enacting “a space of enunciation”–one is speaking, “acting-out” a place by walking through it. By walking, we were announcing and speaking, with our feet, a history that many in the neighborhood– including myself– did not know.

Because it was a hot day, not many were out and about. But a few people who were hanging out on corners and parks or just walking by asked us who we were and what we were doing. One guy who was moving into a building that was a stop on the tour said, “Seriously? This building is historic? That is so cool!” Why, yes. Yes, it is.


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