Reblogging from my online gardening journal for our house in WV… this entry is why I didn’t have time to post this week. For all you gardeners out there. And– thanks to the Facebookers who contributed by identifying the wildflowers :-). Click through to the full post to see the pictures.

The Birdhouse: A West Virginia gardening journal

First big spring workday! Raked out the rest of the leaves. Trimmed all the dead stuff. Planted some siberian iris Greg gave me. Planted flowers in the deck planters. Got an oriole feeder! And some free dogwood tree seedlings in town!

When we came in last night, I was shocked and thrilled to see that three of the four hellebore that I transplanted last fall (one from our backyard that hardly bloomed, and two that neighbor Ginny up the street generously gave me ) are BLOOMING! I wasn’t expecting this until next year at the earliest.

Greg has offered to give me more hellebore– these purple & green. They will look great.

Tomorrow, applying Bonide to (I hope) keep the stiltgrass at bay for another year. And planting some wildflower seeds. And bachelor button seeds, too. And planting those trees!

This is a great time for wildflowers in the yard…

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