The holidays are a great time to reconnect with family, old friends, and just talk to people about things that you don’t have time or mental space for in the hurry-scurry of everyday life. Here, I’d like to pass along some links to things that people have sent to me, that have come up in leisurely, languid holiday conversations, or that I’ve run across during those leisurely, languid– and sometimes crazy-hectic– holiday days:

  • The Beltway Poetry Quarterly, a publication entirely new to me, and their new issue focused solely on sonnets–featuring a poem by my friend Ned Balbo, “For My Cross-Dressing Friends.” Teachers: this issue is a goldmine for sonnets, old and new, to use for class assignments to teach your students about the everchanging form that is the sonnet! And to prevent plagiarism!!
  • Climate change explained in haiku: oceanographer Greg Johnson recasts the 2000-page 2013 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) into 19 illustrated haiku. This came to me from a new friend, Brett Maxwell.
  • A poem from Robin Robertson, a poet with whom I was previously unfamiliar: “The Soul’s Tinsel.” This comes from an old, old friend–my husband Matt. I did not know until I started blogging about poetry in the past year that he actually reads poetry for fun. This is given that we have been married for over twenty years. Isn’t that crazy? I guess you will never stop learning about– and from– the people you love.

Enjoy! And Happy New Year, everyone!



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