Here, Now, Beginning

I’ve been thinking a lot about process lately. Here’s my wise friend, colleague, and artist Janet Maher on the very subject. Thoughtful and inspiring– hope you think so too.

Trusting the Process: Getting There From Here

Journey. Pt. I ©2014 Janet Maher Journey. Pt. I ©2014 Janet Maher

Invisible and visible, the world does not exist without both. – Rumi

I recently had two back-to-back solo exhibitions, the second of which I called “Trusting the Process.” This is by now a well-worn phrase that I chose with a tip of the hat to Shaun McNiff, whose 1998 book has long been part of my studio library in the group of “books I think every artist should read.” Until this moment I didn’t realize how many other books McNiff has written, including a new one, released last year –Art As Research – which I’ve added now to my list of must-reads. Perhaps I already live what his book blurb describes.

Every bit of my world seems to revolve around process. It is the means by which I usually juggle too many things at once, all needing the same amounts of attention and dedication. By fully…

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